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List of Best Wholesalers in Womens Cardigan UK


If your customers want to do chill without being chilly then there will be no other outwear that would prove as functional and beneficial as cardigans. It is for all ladies irrespective of their size, age, and shape.  Whiles searching for wholesale cardigans you need to click here for more womens cardigan sale in the UK. In the UK you will find tough competition among different wholesalers. We are going to illuminate about those who deal in such outfits and after having full information you will be able to choose one that suits you.

Q Clothing: Exchainstore Wholesale Clothing

This is one of the wholesale platforms for you where you can purchase wholesale cardigans for your retail store in the UK. It is famous for providing something more in the form of women apparel in the UK and its neighboring countries. It will provide you services if you want to have a high street quality collection at reasonable wholesale prices. It is well-known for its premium, cheap clothes, including some of the largest online varieties. Its wholesale dresses including cardigan, footwear, wholesale bags, wholesale plus size and curve size clothing places it at a high level concerning prices. To find ladies’ cardigans it may serve you according to your aspirations. It’s not only confined to cardigan but also provides retailers wholesale children wear at an affordable budget. And what it supplies is readily sellable because of exceptional quality. It sells its products to all sizes and styles with its long fifty years of experience that doesn’t need any more explanation. It provides ideal shipping service to all its customers on equal terms.

Great Manchester Apparel and Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

This is another option for you if you refresh your stock according to the requirements of changing season and air. It has been providing its services for twenty years to the retailers who deal in tops, tunic, shirts, trousers, skirts, jeans, leggings, cardigans, and jumpers. So, to buy wholesale products mentioned-above you can choose this platform for the coming season. So, it offers to buy ladies’ cardigan online for you.

Wholesale Babywear

It is also a wholesale supplier to the retailers who intend to fill up their stock with different types of dresses including all sizes and ages and especially for boys and girls. Its main products are tops, sleepwear, shirts, tights, socks, footwear, cardigans, coats, and jackets for occasional and party use. It has for about twenty years dealing experience that is sufficient to boast off the familiarity of any resource.

Wholesale Italian Knitwear UK

This is another big name in the list of wholesale suppliers in the UK. For what it has been famous are Italian knitwear and knitted poncho. It further provides wool and cashmere jumpers and cardigans of different designs and sizes from regular to oversized knitted tops and jumpers. It extends your choice to buy ladies cardigans online in Manchester UK and also provides you scarves and jumpers in various prints and fascinating styles and designs.


It is one of the prominent wholesale dealers of cardigans and Italian fashion in the UK and abroad. It specializes in lagenlook, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and maxi dresses to the retailers and also provides shorts in so many styles and prints according to the demands of prevailing trends. You can have all these from here such as skater, blazers, and cardigans with the latest trendy fashion.


This is one of the trendiest and stylish cardigans wholesale suppliers in the UK. You can also find many more besides cardigans like dresses, jackets, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, gloves, skirts, capes, and socks with extreme funky and fancy styles. You can choose it for ladies’ cardigan sale for the coming season. In styles, prints, and designs it is placed at the level of the best ten wholesale suppliers. If you make a deal with such a fine wholesaler you are sure to achieve your target in a limited time.


 It is famous for providing clothing and accessories throughout the UK. In dresses, it deals in velvet dresses, sequin dresses, lace dresses, knitting dresses, jersey dresses, and linen dresses, and also provides you t-shirts, crop tops, sweaters, shirts, and blouses. For summer and autumn, it will provide you all that you desire to raise your sales and earn much within a short time. Its special products are cardigans, blazers, coats, vests, and shawls. To have a wide range of cardigans you should go to such a platform that has classic and new styles with so many varieties. It fulfills your demand for plus size curve clothing and regular size in the same way.

Wholesale Shopping UK

This is one of the leading wholesale platforms that not only deals in women’s cardigans but also offers many products to the retailers in the UK and abroad. It covers all the aspects of women’s clothing with the economy and is not confined to a particular season but throughout the year. It provides tops, shirts, dresses, leggings, lingerie, trousers, and cardigans with superb quality at quite compromise prices. Whether you deal in men’s clothing or women’s clothing it will serve you by providing up to date fashion and trends with countless varieties and designs. It also specializes as a reliable wholesale platform to buy jewelry, footwear, face masks, and loungewear in the UK and supplies a matchless service to its customers.

Which One the Best?

If you deal in Womens Cardigan UK you should go through all these and decide for yourself where to purchase wholesale cardigans. That one offers quality products with numerous varieties at an attractive economy besides cardigans, would be ideal for you.


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